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Each month I provide a financial planning & an investment newsletter.

Below you'll find the financial planning letters.

The investment letters are exclusive to members and clients and are emailed directly.

I hope you find them enlightening. Finances can be complex so it is difficult to be concise when there is always another perspective to consider.

I welcome your feedback and requests of any financial topic.

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Digital Assets, Apple, Coca-Cola, Morgan Stanley, and Microsoft. What do all these produce and how valuable are they?
undraw_Bitcoin_P2P_re_1xqa (1).png
June 2023
May 2023
Would you rather invest $100,000 in the stock market or purchase a $500,000 home with a down payment of $100,000?
It's the Green age at least for tax credits. Solar panels, energy efficient homes, EV cars, etc. Are they relevant to you?
April 2023
March 2023
Take a look at gold and silver, their history, their taxation, and their viability as investments.
Compound interest appears to be magic, but really is just math. But what about compound interest for your skills, relationship, and education?
February 2023
January 2023
Is a recession coming? Are you prepared? What about a personal recession? Is it time to make some financial changes?
Learn about itemized deductions, tithing, donating stocks, funds and property, DAFs, and more.
December 2022
November 2022
Long-term gains, Roth IRAs, HSAs, and how to fill up different retirement buckets and withdraw from them.
The year you retire is crucially important, but you can plan around it to reduce the negative effects of a down market.
October 2022
September 2022
How should you automated your savings? What about breaking up your emergency fund, especially with current interest rates rising?
We live in the digital age which means a whole new way of thinking about security. It is time to install and double lock your digital doors.
August 2022
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