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Each month I provide a financial planning & *investment newsletter:


I hope you find them helpful. Finances can be complex so it is difficult to be concise when there is always another perspective to consider.


I appreciate feedback and requests.


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*The monthly investment letters are specific to members and clients and are emailed directly.


June 2023 Newsletter



May 2023 Newsletter



April 2023 Newsletter

The Green Credits: Are They Worth It?

Are you thinking about solar panels or electric vehicle? How do you know if it's worth it? Is it environmentally friendliness or the potential cost savings that entice you? Read my explanations of how the tax credits work and my own experience purchasing solar.


March 2023 Newsletter

Gold & Silver: What are they good for?

Gold and silver. Do you have any? Should you? I write about gold, silver, taxes, and their viability as investments along with a couple quotes from Warren Buffett.


February 2023 Newsletter

Compound Interest: Money, Relationships, What Else?

Compound interest is powerful. It's important to have accounts benefiting you through compound interest. What about applying the principle of compound interest to your life: relationships, work, education, skills, etc.?


January 2023 Newsletter

Analyzing The Macro Economy Does Not Equal Personal Investments

You've read many of the headlines for the past year. Recession is coming, economy is not doing well. etc. How do you react? How should you react? Read my thoughts and why I think it is better to focus on preventing and preparing for a personal recession than what the headlines say.


December 2022 Newsletter

Charitable Contributions | Taxes | Financial Planning

This newsletter focuses on when your charitable contributions are tax deductible, how to time your charitable deductions, donating stocks, funds, or property, and what is a Donor Advised Fund.


November 2022 Newsletter

The Low Tax Retirement | How You Can Control Your Retirement Taxes

This newsletter focuses on how you can plan and have a retirement  while paying little to no income taxes. I talk about long-term gains, Roth IRAs, HSAs, and how to fill up different retirement buckets and withdraw from them.


October 2022 Newsletter

Sequence of Returns | Planning For & Through Retirement

Does it matter when you retire and how the market is doing? YES! You have to be careful when you retire. If you retire during a bear market, then it's important to have other savings to retire on and NOT withdraw from your investments.


September 2022 Newsletter

Emergency Fund & Banking

Have you taken advantage of the increase in interest rates for savings accounts? Do you have your savings automated? I break down how to separate your emergency fund to your best advantage to be safe, but also to get you some money back.


August 2022 Newsletter

Personal & Financial Security

Do you use the same passwords? Would it be easy for a hacker to get into your accounts? It's time to install and double lock your digital doors. Start reading to start enhancing your personal & financial security.


July 2022 Newsletter

Credit Cards & Rewards

Are you a savvy credit card user? How do you use your rewards? I talk about building credit, increased financial flexibility, large purchases & short-term loans, and rewards. I also review the negative consequences of using credit cards.


June 2022 Newsletter

Building Credit

I provide 10 tactics to build your credit quickly and in order of priority. Credit is important, if you need to use it. Sometimes it takes a while to build up while other times it only takes a few steps to boost your credit higher.


May 2022 Newsletter

Cryptocurrency & Digital Assets

Do you have any cryptocurrency? The data says that almost one in five Americans do. If you do, have you wondered if you should? I talk about cryptocurrency and provide some comparative questions for you to think about.


April 2022 Newsletter

Value & Wealth

Have you ever taken a Money Script Quiz? It's an interesting quiz to help you learn about your relationship with money. I provide a link and talk about what is wealth & net worth and why it can be important to take a step back and think about your relationship with money.


March 2022 Newsletter

Home Equity

Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOC) are double edged swords that can be extremely helpful and hurtful. Do you have equity in your home? It's likely that you do if you owned a home for more than a couple of years. How should you view that equity? Does it have a place in your financial plan?

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