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Financial Planning Fees


financial planning

You want to receive a full analysis on retirement, debt management, education, investments, etc. Typically, you already have a tax preparer or are not worried about tax planning, We meet often over a short 6 months to cover all your needs.


($1,500 contrato de 6 meses)

  • Retirement Planning

  • Education Planning

  • Employee Benefits Analysis

  • Debt Management

  • Estate Planning

  • Credit Analysis

  • Insurance Review

  • Cash Flow

  • Net Worth

  • Goals

Limited To 50 Clients

financial planning

You are wanting to review and implement financial strategies to get you on track for retirement, pay down debt wisely, pay less in taxes, invest responsibly, plan for future large expenses such as education, and make sure you are appropriately protected with insurance.


($2,760 annual contract)

  • All Basic Financial Planning Services

  • Individual Tax Preparation

  • Tax Planning


You only have a few questions that you need answered. You enjoy learning and working on your own finances and are looking to confirm what you are doing with your finances. Or you don't have much money, but know you need help with financial advice.


($600 annual contract)

  •  Four 30 Minute Meetings with a CFP, EA

  • Access Financial Planning Software

  • Custom Educational Content

  • Investment Monthly Newsletter

  • Unlimited Emails

Investment Management Fees

Pomegranate Financial mantiene tarifas bajas para que sus inversiones puedan funcionar mejor para usted. Para ello estructuramos nuestras tarifas de 3 formas sencillas. 

Primero, nos reunimos para educarlo sobre nuestras filosofías y estrategias de inversión, revisar su cartera e incorporar su(s) cuenta(s). La tarifa para esta reunión comienza en $ 150.

En segundo lugar, al administrar sus inversiones, cobramos una tarifa de servicio anual según el tamaño de su cuenta (consulte el cuadro a continuación).

En tercer lugar, Betterment cobra su tarifa de porcentaje anual (que se descuenta de su tarifa minorista del 0,25%).

Cual es tu

¿valor de la cuenta?

$0 - $15,000

$15,000 - $100,000

$100,000 - $500,000

*Upfront Investment Meeting Fee


Annual Pomegranate Financial Fee




Annual Fee


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