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Why Pomegranate Financial LLC?

What Questions Do You Have?


No Commissions
Straightforward Advice
No Sales Pitches


Flat Fees
Transparent Fees

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Virtual Meetings
In-Person Meetings
Unlimited Emails

  • Should I pay down my mortgage or save more in my retirement plan?

  • How do I prioritize my debts to pay off?

  • Where is the best place to put my extra cash/savings?

  • How do I increase my financial flexibility?

  • How much insurance do I really need?

  • Am I investing the right way?

  • When should I sell my stocks/crypto?

  • When and how do I keep my estate planning documents done?

  • I feel like I pay too much in taxes? How can I lower them?

Here's How We Can Work Together:

1. Complimentary Meeting


2. Choose Your Plan


We will work together based on either 4 scheduled meetings (Membership), a 6 month, or a 12 month agreement.

The agreements include unlimited meetings to make sure your finances are optimized.

I focus on what's most important to you Now while also reviewing all the relevant financial topics.

Everyone Receives

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Option #1

Pomegranate Membership

  • Four 30 minute meetings with a CFP, EA


For 12 Months

  • Access Financial Planning Software

  • Educational Content

  • Monthly Newsletter

  • Unlimited Emails


Option #2

Basic Financial Planning

  • Retirement Planning

  • Education Planning


For 6 Months

  • Employee Benefit Analysis

  • Debt Management

  • Estate Planning

  • Credit Analysis

  • Insurance Review

  • Cash Flow & Net Worth

  • Goals


Option #3

Premier Financial Planning

  • All Basic Financial Planning Services


For 12 Months

  • Individual Tax Preparation

  • Tax Planning



So what about Investment Management?


Investment Management is included in any of the four options above. However, with the membership it is only included if it's used as one of the 4 meetings. 

The Investment Meeting Includes the Following:

  •  Review Your Portfolio

  •  Customize For Your Goals

  • Set Up Relevant Accounts (if necessary)

  •  Optimize Your Investments

3. Refresh & Simplify

Your Financial Life

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