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Conquer Debt Without Touching Your 401(k) Through Custom Financial Strategies

Pomegranate Financial Let's Talk Before Cashing Out Your 401(k)
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Blake Jones, CFP®, EA
A Lack of Planning Can Add Up

Many working families struggle with

financial knowledge & plans which leads to higher stress.

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How much more interest are you paying on debt?

A lack of planning causes you to forget about the

future because your current financial needs are too great.

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How much more in taxes are you paying each year?

We help working families lower interest on their debt,

pay less in taxes, avoid bank fees, get excited about their financial future, and boost their financial confidence.

Start Planning Today

1. Talk to Blake

In-Person or Zoom

Meet with Blake so he can understand what you are looking for and explain the options of working together.

2. Choose A Plan

Subscription Financial Planning

Choose the plan best for you  Membership, Premier, or Basic

3. Refresh Your Financial Life

Simplify My Financial Life

We work together to remove financial fear and stress while empowering you with financial confidence leading you to a healthy financial life.

Learn About Your Options

Financial Planning Questions

You Might Wonder...

Why would I spend more money on advice when I don't feel like I can spend any more money?

We strive to help working families actually save more money than they pay us because of our strategies. This is not always the case, but it is definitely our goal.

A financial planner just wants to sell me a product like life insurance or annuities.

We've designed Pomegranate Financial so that we provide custom advice, not products. We do not receive kickbacks or commissions. Our focus is providing you the best financial advice for you.

I am fine, I don't need financial planning. I enjoy working on my own finances.

Many people manage their finances on their own. However, it is still hard to know what you don't know. That's why we created a membership so you can feel 100% confident in your own financial planning by having a professional to check in with and hear a second opinion.

My financial situation is too dire and I don't think I can be helped.

We are sorry to hear your situation is dire! We have seen and helped many tough situations. We are happy to meet and talk for 60 minutes for free to understand your situation, and see if we can be of value. We offer pro-bono work for certain situations.

My situation is very complex and I am not sure Pomegranate Financial is the right fit.

We have seen different complex situations before. Sometimes we can help and sometimes we cannot. If we cannot help you, then we find the right expert in our network of financial planners that can help you.

Pomegranate Planning allows you to enjoy...

  • Shopping guilt free while spending responsibly.

  • Open your finances with confidence, excited to see your progress.

  • Feel at ease about your taxes, already knowing the results ahead of time.

  • Live happier knowing your money is working for you.

  • Be excited to continue saving, investing, & paying down debt in the optimal way.

Wise Financial Decisions

We know what it feels like to want to run away from financial decisions. Our strategies solve that fear and get you excited about looking at your financial progress.

With our experience in taxes, investments, debt management, and insurance we can create custom strategies for you.

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