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Simplify My Financial Life

Pomegranate Financial was started in June 2020 for Working Families to receive straightforward financial and tax advice.

Many financial advisors and institutions mostly focus on finding high net worth individuals who have hundreds of thousands of dollars to invest.

Pomegranate Financial is different. We believe everyone's 'net worth' is high and that everyone can benefit from custom financial planning at affordable prices, especially Working Families.

You likely did not learn in school or at home how taxes, credit cards, interest, investments, insurance, and debt work. Here at Pomegranate Financial we are experts in all things financial. Not only that, we understand how everything blends together to affect your finances.

As an example, look at your 401(k) - this investment can end up affecting your taxes, your debt, and your credit all at once!

Let's meet and see the value we can provide you in our first complimentary meeting.

About Pomegranate Financial

Blake Jones, CFP®, EA

Blake Jones

My family of 5 in Copacabana, Bolivia.

My name is Blake Jones. I live in Springville, Utah and enjoy raising three children with my wife Rachel.

I am a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and an Enrolled Agent
(tax professional). I am a fiduciary and have worked at Northwestern Mutual (investments & insurance), US Bank (banking & debt), and Dave Jones Accounting Services (taxes).

I have seen many people take out their 401(k) for different reasons and manage debt and taxes in costly ways. I love unlocking powerful ways working families can manage their debt effectively, automate their investments, pay less in taxes and prosper financially.

I can help you, whatever your financial situation. Let's talk in a complimentary virtual meeting to see the value I can provide in your financial life. I am a proud member of XY Planning Network, the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors, Wealthtender, and featured in Fee-Only Network.

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