About Pomegranate Financial

My name is Blake Jones, CFP®, EA. I am a fiduciary. 

I started Pomegranate Financial after being inspired by XYPN and Carl Richards .

I graduated from Brigham Young University with a BA in International Relations. 


Pomegranate Financial was created to refresh & simplify your finances

with straightforward & transparent advice for all aspects of your financial life.

A simple financial life helps you create opportunities for yourself & for others.


 I started out at Northwestern Mutual where I gained invaluable experience

working directly with 18 different advisors over the course of my time there.

My experience has been unique as I have spent time working in

investments, insurance, banking (Wealth Management Banker @ U.S. Bank),

and taxes (Enrolled Agent at Dave Jones Accounting Services).

Such experience has allowed me to see how each financial decision affects another.


My vision for Pomegranate Financial is to make individual custom

financial advice easily accessible to anyone, no matter your income, investments,

or net worth. Pomegranate Financial provides custom processes and advice

at an affordable fee to help you refresh and live a simple financial life.