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Investment Management:


We follow a Passive Index, Low Fee, Buy & Hold strategy based on your goals. In our meeting we will Educate, Review your Portfolio, and Onboard your Account(s) as applicable. Yep - it's that straightforward. 

Pomegranate Financial uses the Betterment Platform to manage investments - one of the highest rated Robo-Advisors.

There are many Strategies we use to help you enhance your Financial Life & Investments such as automated investing, re-balancing, SEP IRAs for self-employed business owners, Roth conversions, RMD strategies, etc. Through our Financial Planning we dive in to figure out what strategies are best for you.

Our Investment Philosophy is Simple:

Investment Management Fees

$0 - $15,000

$15,000 - $100,000

$100,000 - $500,000








What is your
account value?^

*Upfront Investment
Meeting Fee

Annual Pomegranate Financial Fee


Annual Fee

The annual advisory fee is tiered, prorated and paid at the end of each quarter. Fees vary for amounts above $500,000. Betterment will debit your account for both Betterment's annual fee and PF's annual fee, and will remit PF's annual fee to PF. The upfront on-boarding fee is paid at the end of the Investment Management meeting.


*The Upfront Investment Meeting Fee can be waived if you sign up for any financial planning contract or the Pomegranate Financial Membership. ^Accounts greater than $500,000 have different fees which are in the Form ADV (link at bottom of page).

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